In our one-on-one coaching sessions, we'll dive deep into your personal journey, sparking transformative growth and fulfillment. These sessions are like guiding lights for folks who are on the lookout for ways to build the tools and strategies that lead to a more meaningful and satisfying life. Through coaching, we create a safe haven, where you can explore your dreams, tackle challenges, and tap into your untapped potential.

The heart of individual coaching is all about tailoring guidance to fit your unique path. Together, we'll uncover your strengths, passions, and areas where you're ready to grow. This approach lets us break things down into doable steps that resonate with what you believe in and what you're aiming for. By focusing on what you're good at and addressing the areas that need a little extra attention, you'll start feeling more empowered and clear about where you're headed.  

During our sessions, we will use a bunch of effective tools to help you grow personally. By using these tools, you'll get a better handle on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These individual coaching sessions are like power ups for your personal growth, journey, helping you build resilience and a positive mindset when life throws challenges your way. Let's work together to make your journey towards growth and self discovery, a truly rewarding one.

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I am a highly skilled and passionate professional with a diverse background in dance, fitness, and personal development.  I have dedicated my life to helping others discover their full potential and achieve their goals in various areas of their lives.  

As a member of the Michigan Chapter of Dance Master of America since, 1991, I have dedicated myself to honing my expertise in tap, ballet and jazz for 20 years.  As part of my 4 year,  Dance Master Teachers Training School, I was honored to receive the "Most Dedicated Dance Teacher" award, as voted by the TTS staff.  

After moving to TX in 2000, I obtained my certification in Pilates.  With a strong focus on core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness, I empowered individuals to build strength and enhance their overall well being.

In 2002, I further expanded my knowledge and skill be becoming a certified Gyrotonic trainer. This unique exercise method combines elements of dance, yoga and gymnastics to create a holistic and dynamic approach to fitness. 

In 2006, my profound journey into Kundalini Yoga commenced.  Over the course of five transformative years, I dedicated myself to accumulating a total of 500 hours of comprehensive training.

In 2010, I embarked on my journey with crystal singing bowls, a venture that has allowed me to touch the lives of individuals across all age groups.  From working with those facing Alzheimer's and dementia to engaging with individuals living with Down syndrome and recovering from head trauma, my experiences have spanned a diverse range.  I have also been honored to assist individuals seeking relief from stress and anxiety, infusing a sense of calm and vitality into their lives through the resonating tones of these remarkable instruments.

In 2020, I became a certified Energy Codes Coach with Dr Sue Morter, deepening my understanding of the mind-body connection and energy healing techniques.  This certification allows me to guide individual in unlocking their potential and creating positive shifts in their lives.  By incorporating energy work and mindfulness practices, I help my clients tap into their inner power and achieve holistic well-being.

I obtained certification as a Passion Test 4 kids & Teens coach with Janet Bray Attwood in 2021. This specialized trining equips me with the tools to support young individuals in discovering their passions, setting meaningful goals, and cultivating a sense of purpose early in their lives.  Through interactive workshops and coaching sessions, I empower the next generation to follow their dreams and create fulfilling lives.  

With my extensive background in dance, fitness, energy work, and coaching, I offer a unique and transformative approach to personal growth and well-being.

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Through remote sessions, via Zoom, I will guide you to locate energetic interferences or denser energies, in the body and by using The Energy Codes practices and/or sound healing to help open up the flow of energy. 

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Quantum science has shown us that what we think, feel and believe has a profound effect on our reality. Subconscious beliefs actually impact our lives much more than conscious beliefs. The body can hold old subconscious and conscious patterns of stress in the muscles, nervous system and even in the organs or glands. By accessing areas of the body where this energy is stored, the body begins to build or reconnect pathways for the energy to flow and restore balance to the body.  


Everything in the universe has its own vibration. That sound is called resonance. Each part of our bodies has its own natural resonance or vibrations. Sound healing creates vibrations that move through the body, much like sound vibrations move through water. When this happens, it helps to stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improve lymphatic flow, balance our nervous systems and increase physical energy.


Yes, healing can be done remotely. Everything is energy. We can connect over the phone or remotely, accomplishing the same benefits as being in person. Because we are connecting through the quantum field, the field that connects all of us, it is an excellent way to receive supportive care from anywhere in the world.


Get ready to invest in your own potential - because you're truly worth it.  Equip yourself with lifelong tools that will drive you towards the fulfilling life you've always envisioned.  

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