Since I was a young girl, my heart was set on becoming a professional ballet dancer. Ballet consumed my life, fueled by my unwavering passion and dedication, even in the absence of support from my family.
I achieved my dream when I became a principal dancer in a local ballet company and had the extraordinary opportunity to dance at Boston Ballet. However, fate intervened, and a foot injury forced me to undergo surgery and take a break from dancing. Returning to the studio, I found myself surrounded by a sea of younger, astonishingly talented dancers. Their effortless grace and impeccable skills served as a constant reminder of my own limitations, intensifying my insecurities and self-doubt.

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Hari Shabad 

Two years later, a chance encounter at the gym led me to attend a dance performance. The magic and excitement on that stage reignited my love for dance. Fueled by this newfound passion, I embraced jazz dance and immersed myself in its liberating rhythms and freedom of expression.
Soon, the owner of the dance studio recognized my talent and asked me to teach. Initially hesitant, I eventually agreed and discovered a new sense of fulfillment in sharing my knowledge and love for dance. Teaching became my calling, and I gradually transitioned from dancing to mentoring and guiding young individuals in their quest for self-discovery.
My purpose now is to support and encourage young minds to pursue their dreams. I find joy in witnessing their growth, unlocking their potential, and helping them navigate their own unique paths. Drawing from my own journey, I provide guidance, instill resilience, and foster self-belief in their abilities.
No longer bound by the constraints of teaching dance steps, I now teach life skills—resilience, perseverance, and the unwavering belief that dreams are within reach. As a mentor, I guide young minds, whether in dance, art, music, or any other pursuit that brings them joy, empowering them to embrace their talents and face obstacles fearlessly.
Through my own struggles, I have gained invaluable insights and experiences that I share with others. I strive to be the support system I wished I had during my own challenges. By helping young people find their passions and chase their dreams, I contribute to a future filled with inspired individuals, ready to make their mark on the world.
In my journey of self-discovery, I have found my true purpose—to ignite the spark of possibility in young hearts, champion their dreams, and guide them towards a life filled with fulfillment and joy

Certifications and Techniques:  The Energy Codes, The Passion Test 4 Kids & Teens, Sound Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy (S.R.T), E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) Eden Energy Medicine, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga,

Meditation is one of the tools in my toolbox that I wouldn't live without.  

Each reflection in the mirror mercilessly reflected my perceived shortcomings—the imperfections of my appearance and physique taunting my dreams. The relentless fear of enduring future injuries loomed over me like a dark cloud. It was with a heavy heart, consumed by the suffocating weight of doubt, that I made the excruciating decision to relinquish my cherished dream and sever my ties with ballet. That fateful day marked the moment when doubt triumphed, and I walked away from the studio, never to return.

The Sound Path" was born out of my deep connection to sound. As a practitioner of crystal singing bowls, sound holds both literal and metaphorical significance. It represents strength, solidity, and righteousness. Meanwhile, "path" embodies movement, direction, and purpose. By using sound to restore energy pathways in the body, "The Sound Path" encapsulates my practice's essence—a transformative journey of harmonizing and aligning the intricate human energy system

The Sound Path

In 2006, my Kundalini Yoga teacher bestowed upon me the name "Hari Shabad." "Hari" symbolizes God, while "Shabad" means "song" or "sound." Together, they represent the divine melody, celestial resonance, and harmonious hymn of God.

Though initially unenthused about the name, I set it aside for nearly four years.
Then, a captivating encounter changed everything—I discovered the enchanting world of crystal singing bowls. Was it mere coincidence?

Have you ever received a gift that didn't resonate with you at first? You accepted it politely, stashed it away, as it didn't align with your desires. But years later, while cleaning out your closet, you see it in a new light. You realize it was a true gift, and you're genuinely grateful. That's how I feel about my spiritual name today. I'm honored being called Hari Shabad and cherish the serendipity that surrounds it

Hari Shabad &The Sound Path

Loves everything dance & musical theatre, baking enthusiast, animal lover, and loves everything that sparkles. 

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This work has helped me to add dimensions to my energy practices that extend beyond meditation. I now have tools to help me with focus, well-being, forgiveness, acceptance and love.