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Upcoming events

Sound Sundays
Location: Nia Moves
508 Pecore St
Houston TX. 77009
Time: 6:30pm-7:30
Come join me the third sunday of the month. Click the button below for dates


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Upcoming events

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Month 00, 2020

Instructed educators in the use of breathing & tapping techniques to help reduce stress and facilitate learning in the classroom. These techniques can also be used in everyday life to help cope with everyday situations.

Center for School Behavioral Health Conference

Past Events

Annually engage group healing sound event using the power of sound to help balance the chakras, and release stagnant energy. The goal is to help clear the pathway for the coming new year.

Sounds of the Chakras

Guiding people to develop tools and processes to live a more fulfilled life.

Individual coaching session

2020, 2022
• Balancing the Chakras - New Years Eve yoga sound event.

2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
• Sounds of the Chakras - New Years Eve yoga event with Sylvia

2019 & 2020
 • Tomball I.S.D Teacher Professional Development Conference - 
Spoke to teachers on how to incorporate mindfulness, stress relief, and better mental health techniques inside the classroom as well as how they can incorporate these techniques into their lives

2019 & 2020
• YES Prep Northside - Working with high school students on a monthly basis and teaching them different ways to reduce stress and anxiety.  

2019 & 2020
• Village of the Heights - Group sound healing sessions for residents in assisted living and memory care units.

• Houston Caregivers Retreat for Alzheimer’s and other Dementias. Sound healing for groups and individual sessions.

2019 & 2020
• Breakfast Yoga Club - Sound Healing for group yoga event

2018 & 2019
• Center for School Behavioral Health Conference -   
 Spoke to high school students about the stress that they have in todays society and different techniques on how to cope with those stresses

• Cosmic Sound Immersion - Sound healing for group event. Also included Siri Bahadur, Sylvia Valerio, Satmitar

2016 & 2017
• The Hallmark - Monthly group sound healing sessions for residents in the memory and skilled nursing care units.

Energy Codes Coaching and Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls.